From Ripple, RippleNet, RippleLabs, xCurrent and Total Confusion

The following article is an excerpt from a scientific treatise by our guest author and takes a close look at the Ripple ecosystem. Ripple is still one of the most valuable crypto currencies in the Bitcoin evolution Now that the hype surrounding this digital currency has subsided somewhat and the Bitcoin evolution price downturn at Read More

SegWit2x and the debate over a renewed Bitcoin Hard Fork

SegWit2x will come in November. But what does this mean for the further development of the Bitcoin community? Will the New York Agreement hold or will there be another Hard Fork? BTC-ECHO will illuminate the political situation behind the 2x activation for you. Crypto currencies, especially the Bitcoin, are currently experiencing a surge of recognition Read More

Hashgraph – Gossip in the data tree

If you think of the blockchain as a chain and the tangle as a knotted net, the hashgraph is a tree. Just like the tangle, Hashgraph wants to solve the problem of scalability. In contrast to IOTA, however, Hashgraph has “only” to do with a data structure without an associated crypto currency. Hashgraph is currently Read More